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Meeting of Minds is a scientific and educational meeting organised and funded by Shire with the objective of providing a forum for ADHD scientists and clinicians to discuss the latest scientific evidence and share best practice in the management of ADHD.

The Meeting of Minds series, an invitation only meeting, is developed in collaboration with a group of global experts in ADHD in order to organise a programme that meets the educational needs of clinicians and scientists involved in the management of ADHD.

ADHD Institute meetings articles

Meeting of Minds 2016, Vienna, Austria, 6–7 June

The 8th Meeting of Minds (MoM VIII) examined emerging trends in the management and treatment of ADHD across the lifespan, and covered topics including: the diagnosis and initial assessment of ADHD; ADHD treatment and optimisation of outcomes; and specific considerations for adolescent and adult ADHD. Read more

Meeting of Minds 2015, Stockholm, Sweden, 29-30 June

The 7th Meeting of Minds covered key issues related to ADHD as a long-term disorder, including: the diagnosis of ADHD in children versus adults; the neurobiological correlates of ADHD across the lifespan; and long-term management of ADHD. Login or register to read more

Meeting of Minds 2014, London, UK, 27-28 March

The 6th Meeting of Minds explored ADHD assessment and management and the importance of individualising treatment of ADHD in everyday clinical practice. Login or register to read more


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ADHD can continue to affect patients’ functioning and quality of life beyond childhood into adolescence and adulthood

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