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30 Oct 2015

Up-regulation of the default mode network during task switching may be impaired in adults with ADHD

In a Belgian study, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) indicated that attenuated down-regulation of the default mode network (DMN) in the brain during task switching in adults with ADHD does not explain excess DMN activity during goal-directed tasks. Read more

23 Oct 2015

Serotonin transporter gene methylation status may be associated with ADHD symptoms in children

Methylation levels of the serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) promoter region correlate with behavioural symptoms of ADHD in children and associated neurobiological factors, report preliminary findings from a recent South Korean study. Read more

16 Oct 2015

Both early- and late-onset ADHD present with similar patterns of psychiatric comorbidities in adulthood

The severity of psychiatric comorbidities associated with ADHD in adults is not linked to the age of onset, a recent Taiwanese study reports. Read more

9 Oct 2015

Key functional abilities and disabilities associated with ADHD: the experts’ view

Experts agree on key concepts of ability and disability to herald a standard diagnosis for ADHD in a worldwide survey. Read more

2 Oct 2015

Retrospective childhood symptom reports may not be required for ADHD diagnosis in adults

Results from a large clinical sample indicate that retrospective collateral reporting of childhood ADHD symptoms/impairments may not be useful for the diagnosis of adults, a Brazilian study shows. Read more

30 Sep 2015

Surveying the satisfaction of a serious online computer game “Plan-It Commander” for children with ADHD

User feedback on the first prototype version of a serious behavioural learning game called “Plan-It Commander” suggests that participants are satisfied with the game and would recommend it to other parents of children with ADHD. Read more

23 Sep 2015

Effect of mobile phone use on driving performance in adolescents with or without ADHD

Text messaging while driving significantly impacts adolescents’ driving performance regardless of ADHD status, reports a recent US study. Read more

16 Sep 2015

The role of personal resilience characteristics during transition from adolescence to adulthood in ADHD

In adolescents with ADHD, personal characteristics of resilience — spanning self-esteem, structured style and social competence — may be protective factors during transition to early adulthood, reports a recent Norwegian study. Read more

9 Sep 2015

Impact of pharmacological treatment of ADHD on foster care caseloads in Denmark

According to the authors of a large Danish study, increased pharmacological treatment of ADHD accounts for a substantial share of the observed decrease in foster care caseloads in Denmark. Read more

2 Sep 2015

Demographics and psychiatric comorbidities of children/adolescents with ADHD referred to specialised health services in Finland

This study reports an increasing trend in Finland of diagnosis of ADHD, particularly among boys, and encourages clinicians to screen for ADHD among children diagnosed with other psychiatric disorders. Read more


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